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Post COVID-19 Business Reopening Tips


Post COVID-19 Business Reopening Tips

Posted June 8, 2020 by at 2:21 PM

As we gradually return to physical and onsite work, people would struggle a bit to get into the physical working space after months of disruption.
Here are a few tips you need to put in place to ensure the safety of your employees.

Clean And Disinfect the facility: most office spaces have not been in use for a few months now. Apart from dust covering the place, the coronavirus has not been proven not to be airborne. Cleaning and disinfecting the facility would ensure the employees are returning to a no-risk environment.
Reevaluate work space setup: evaluate your work space to ensure the sitting arrangement would be in compliance to health and safety guidelines by WHO. Physical distancing has been advised to curb the spread of the virus. The work spaces should be rearranged in line with this guideline.
Consider the number of employees against the available workspace. Maintaining a standard guideline of 2 meters apart, would probably mean less space available. As your employees return, factor the number against the space available.
Provide safety and hygiene equipment: it is the duty of the employer to ensure the health and safety of the employees while at work. Providing soap, face masks, hand sanitizers would help the employees settle into work being rest assured their safety is assured. Also taking the necessary precautions eg. temperature check for employees and visitors.
Ensure regular communication: Constantly communicating with employees would keep them up to date with trends and updates. Communication would help foster unity and alleviate fear among employees.
Encourage Remote/flexible working: Encourage employees on flexible working. This would reduce the risk of exposure