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Steps to hire right


Steps to hire right

Posted June 9, 2021 by at 1:27 PM

Often times organisations find it difficult to fill up roles, especially the small businesses that don’t usually have a HR officer and may not want to incur costs in hiring one.
In my recent work with these small businesses, I have tried to help them with filling up those vacancies in the right ways by educating them on the simple steps to hiring right.
Here are a few of those steps that will guide you as a business owner who wants to hire the right person for the roles available in your organisation.
And to all the recruiters who help organisations, comment and let me know what you do to get the right candidate.

  1. A clear Job description: You need to know exactly what the candidate will come to do. It is good you write down exactly what the job of the person would be: Job title, duties, and responsibilities, skills and competencies etc. Saying I want a receptionist for example is not enough, but writing down what you actually want your receptionist to do on the assumption of duty will help you land a good candidate.
  2. Post your job advert on the right platforms: Advertising for a vacancy is simply telling people there is a role to fill. So posting it on the right platforms will attract the right candidates. You cannot post the vacancy of a welder on a teachers’ platform. Utilize platforms where people who have the experience you need are found. We cannot underestimate the use of social media for job advert, just make sure you are putting it up on the platforms the target candidates are most likely to visit.
  3. Ask the right questions during Interviews: When you finally get candidates for interview, asking the right questions will reveal what the candidate knows. Ask open-ended questions like tell me about your last place of work? leading questions like have you used Microsoft office suite before? probing questions like what do you think about remote working? etc
  4. Offer competitive pay: remuneration is usually a difficult one for small businesses that oftentimes do not have a standard salary structure. When you eventually get that good candidate, offer competitive pay. It may not be something so big but something that is good enough within your area of operations and among competitors. Too small will make you lose your good candidates to your competition.

I hope this helps, like, comment, share and help a business owner today.